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DIGILINE Label – Nearline is the economic solution to print and code labels for pharmaceutical products like vials, HDPE-bottles, ampoules or filled syringes in order to reliably feed them directly into a packaging line without interruptions. DIGILINE Label – Nearline offers everything that can be expected from a modern label printing system – especially features which are usually not attainable with common thermal-transfer technology.

DIGILINE Label – Offline is the cost-efficient system solution for central late stage printing and serialization of flat labels from roll to roll. Consistent high and durable printing quality and the possibility to serialize labels with maximum process safety range among others to the most captivating characteristics of the system. Furthermore DIGILINE Label – Offline impresses with the fact that cost for consumables are significantly lower in comparison to common thermal transfer technology.

La Digiline Label sera présentée en première mondiale en version offline au prochain Salon All4Pack. 


télécharger la Documentation Digilne inline

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télécharger la Documentation Digilne offline


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